Fotostiftung Schweiz
Grüzenstrasse 45
CH-8400 Winterthur (Zürich)
Telephone +41 52 234 10 30
Fax +41 52 234 10 40



Dr. Peter Pfrunder

Deputy Director / Curator / Media

Sascha Renner

AdministrationNicole Arni
Picture archive / Rights of useKatharina Rippstein

Research curator

Madleina Deplazes

Collection Coordination

Teresa Gruber

Image database / Picture archive

Lea Fuhrer
Digitization / Picture editingNicole Somogyi

Encyclopaedia of photographers

Georg Sütterlin

LibraryMatthias Gabi
Library assistantCéline Brunko
Web Content ManagementAndreas Kohli
Jan Hofer
Sascha Renner
In-house technology

Oliver Gubser

Head of museum shopEvelyn Huber

Head of reception

Sophie Mauch

Exhibition setup

Roland Rüegg
Adrian Eberhard
Helene Rüegger

Team guided tours

Christina Müller
Astrid Näff
Luisa Baselgia
Teresa Gruber
Katharina Rippstein


Christina Müller