Publications by Sputnik Photos and Beat Schweizer

2 June to 14 October

Exhibitions of the
Photo Library

It’s been more than a quarter of a century since the Soviet Union formally ceased to exist. Since this momentous historical event, the post-Soviet nations have found themselves in a state of constant change. Sputnik Photos and Beat Schweizer (CH, *1982) examine the transitional processes in these countries from two distinct standpoints using historical, political, economic and socio-cultural motives. In contrast to the view largely influenced by Western prejudices, they use insider and outsider perspectives to draw an intricate, multilayered picture of developments in the post-communist realm. Even though both positions are located in the field of documentary photography, through a conscious approach to images and text, experimentation with different materials and means of communication, and use of historical, archival and personal images, their publications establish a complex and thoroughly ambivalent relationship to the subject matter. Their work focuses on media-related aspects of presentation and communication of image and text, enabling them to adopt a distinct position within the field of an extended and self-reflective documentary practice.

Curated by Céline Brunko, Photo Library.


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