© Matthias Gabi

The Photo Book as Picture Atlas

19 October to 23 February

Exhibitions of the
Photo Library

Large-format books are distinctive. They take up a great deal of space and in private homes they are often jammed onto a shelf or put someplace where books do not actually belong. In public libraries, on the other hand, they are assigned a special location suited to their oversize dimensions. In the Fotobibliothek of the Fotostiftung Schweiz and the Fotomuseum Winterthur, all the books that are taller or wider than 34 cm fall into the “large format” category, which currently comprises 454 monographs. Although this is a small number relative to the total stock of some 15,800 monographic titles, it is these formats and their distinctive style that raise generic questions about the design and effect of photo books.

While the eight wall exhibits published in the form of newspapers and periodicals come together as a series emphasizing creative possibilities, the five display cases each contain three titles focused on themes derived from our pool of large-format photo books: abstract landscapes, forms of portraiture, the city of New York, the window motif, and titles exploring the media of film, television, and photography themselves.

Curation: Matthias Gabi, Director Fotobibliothek


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