Work in the Boiler, 1935. © Jakob Tuggener-Stiftung

Jakob Tuggener – Machine Age

21 October 2017 to
28 January 2018

Jakob Tuggener (1904-1988) is one of those exceptions in Swiss photography. His personal and highly expressive photographs of the boisterous parties in better social circles are legendary, and his book Fabrik of 1943 is regarded as a milestone in the history of the photobook. The exhibition «The Machine Age» focuses on his photographs and films from the world of work and industry. These not only reflect technical developments from the textile industry in Zurich’s Oberland to power plant construction in the Alps, but also testify to Tuggener’s life-long fascination with all types of machines: from looms to smelters and turbines to locomotives, steamships and racing cars. He loved their noise, their dynamic movement and their boundless power, and he presented them from an artistic viewpoint. At the same time he observed the men and women whose work kept the engine of progress running – and he did this not without hinting that at some point in time the machines could control people.

In collaboration with the Jakob Tuggener Foundation. Steidl Verlag will publish a selection of Tuggener’s as yet unpublished book maquettes to accompany the exhibition.