Adieu la Suisse!

Swiss foundation of Photography
8 June to 25 August 2013

Sublime summits, delightful lakes, peaceful valleys – the classical image of the Swiss landscape was shaped by photography at a very early stage. What has become of that landscape? In its current exhibition “Adieu la Suisse!” the Fotostiftung Schweiz tracks down objective changes not only in the reality, but also in our view of the Swiss landscape. The deconstruction of former photographic myths has given rise to new contemporary views of Switzerland.
With photographs by Jean-Luc Cramatte, Nicolas Faure, Yann Gross, Andri Pol, Christian Schwager, Jules Spinatsch, Martin Stollenwerk, a video work by Erich Busslinger and historical photographs from the collection of the Fotostiftung Schweiz.
“Adieu la Suisse!” was organised in collaboration with the Pavillon Populaire / Ville de Montpellier.


Nicolas Faure: Meyrin 2012 © Nicolas Faure für Adieu la Suisse

With support from the Federal Office of Culture, Migros-
Kulturprozent and the Freunde of the Fotostiftung Schweiz.