Guido Baselgia, Tierra templada № 1, 2018, © Guido Baselgia

Guido Baselgia
As If the World Were There to Be Measured

19 October 2019
to 16 February 2020

The photographer as a travelling researcher: over the past twenty years Guido Baselgia has travelled with his camera through peripheral geological zones, scanning the earth's barren surface and observing light phenomena in the Alps, the Andes and northern Norway. He has translated his studies into the visual idiom of slow, analog photography. The result is black-and- white tableaus bordering on the abstract, presented in the form of large-format silver-gelatine prints or heliogravures which are characterised by their detail and material quality. The exhibition follows on from the well-known cycles "Hochland", "Weltraum", "Silberschicht" and "Light Fall", and presents Baselgia's latest project for the first time. This leads him to Ecuador and Peru in the Amazon basin. On his expeditions the photographer deals with the depictability of the tropical rainforest. He transforms the shimmering density and diversity of the vegetation into compositions of the greatest calm and concentration. Portraits of the indigenous inhabitants and still lifes from the surroundings of their settlements become reflections on the photographic representation of this threatened world. Like a memento mori, Baselgia's work pays tribute to this landscape, whose economic exploitation has long had an impact on our global climate.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication published by Edizioni Periferia.